Questions about plane adjustment and replacement blades

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I needed to come somewhere where some woodworkers had some real world experience on an issue I'm facing.

So I have Stanley #3 , #4, #5 ,#6 and a 9 1/2 planes. I bought all these used for a real good price, I have less than 100 dollars tied up in all 5. Given that I had to learn how to restore these planes. To the best of my ability I followed the instructions of Paul Sellers that he uses for sharpening/restoring.

The blades will cuts awesome however, the blades on all these planes come out of adjustment very easy, and no matter what I do, I'm not able to joint 90 dead flat stock. I speculate that my planes may adjustment mechanism may just be plain worn out.

So my questions are:

A.) Has anyone bought Veritas/Hock Blades and Breakers and had it fix this problem?

B.) Anyone near Jacksonville NC that I can visit to try a blade before buying one?

C.) Should I sell the whole set a collector and get Veritas or Lie Nielsen planes?

Mike Davis

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You could come to our workshop and get all your questions answered.

but, off hand I'd say you need to tighten the lever cap screw, it should just let the lever cap slide into place without forcing it then snap tight with a firm click. If this is not the solution then it could be a frog bedding adjustment or some other simple fix.

definately don't get rid of them yet.

if you can't get them to work, no one close by can help, can't come to the workshop or picnic in May... Then ship them to me, I'll tune them up and send back to you in working order.


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Depends on your personal financial situation. One Lie-Nielsen low angle block plane will cost more than your entire collection.

If it is not the cap screw (which it probably is) the next suspect is your frog is not set right, maybe loose? If you have sharp blades, you are already ahead of most in the game. Just keep looking. It will come to you.


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+1 to Mike's offer. He worked his magic on my Bailey #4 after I installed a new Hock blade and chip breaker and still experienced similar problems. My plane was fairly new with almost zero use at that point, but Mike's keen machinist eyes found and fixed the problem.

There's another member in Maysville too.


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Mike Davis is genius when it comes to tuning planes and sharpening plane irons. If you can attend the class he is starting on plane use and tuning, you won't be sorry. You will learn a tremendous amount of stuff you just can't get out of a book or video.


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"you need to tighten the lever cap screw" +1

For what you have in them, I would definitely give them a chance. Just the No.8 is worth more than you paid for all of them.

Blade upgrade not necessary, but my experience has been a blade/cap iron upgrade does make a diff.

Personal opinion, but I think every ww'er should experience and/or own a LN plane. That being said, I would use the planes you have for a while and if the urge hits, pull the trigger on a LN 4 or 4 1/2. I promise you won't regret it.
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