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Nicely done Bob. I too, like the revised pedestal design but still don't understand how to make it. Do you have any work in progress pics of that part?

Any finish over that to "finish" the finish?

I will do it with 1/2"dowels. I'm familiar with them and have done a lot of dowelling and splining.
I put a pine stain on the WO pedestal to go with the SG sapwood on the top.
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The pedestal required by far the most effort. I went thru 3 previous designs that I didn't like before I saw the one Dave Richards suggested and it was a challenge for me because I didn't have the equipment I wanted. I didn't take interim pics because I was never sure I would succeed and I guess I didn't want a record of it.:( Basically, the pedestal is in 3 parts: part one has 2 flared sides (or wings) and the other 2 are narrower and have one flare and they are dowelled and epoxied to the part with 2 flares. I used dowel centers to locate the dowel holes and I have found such to be very crude so I always drill oversize and fill with T80 epoxy trying to guess the amount of epoxy to use so I don't get overfill. After the first wing cured (24 hrs) I repeated for the 2nd. The assembled pedestal was not perfect: it rocked because ends of the wings were not perfectly aligned due to the oversized dowel holes. This presented more challenges mounting to the X bases which I did the same way: dowels, oversize holes and epoxy. While the epoxy was curing I squared the pedestal to the X base with a square after I judiciously estimated the amount of epoxy to avoid overfilling. Then I repeated for the 2nd X. I did have to fill some voids between the pedestal and base with epoxy with tape to dam up the epoxy while curing. The epoxy and pine stain color match pretty well. It all came out square in the end. I did not apply a finish over the pine stain.

The tool I wish I had is a stationary disc sander with a base that allows sliding work perpendicular to the sanding surface. That would have removed the worst headaches.
Hope this helps.
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