November Handtool woodworking workshops

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Bill Anderson
I will be conducting two one-day workshops in November. If you have any interest, please drop me an email. Worhshops are 9am-5pm. I provide lunch. Each workshop has a detailed manual that I have written. Cost is $80 for a one-day workshop. 919-932-6050 or

Handsaw Sharpening: November 17. I will go through the tools and jigs used, then we will sharpen a rip saw (5-6 TPI) and then a crosscut saw (7-10 TPI). I provide all of the tools needed. You are encouraged to bring your own saws to work on, although I will provide them if you do not have any.

All About Scrapers: November 18. In depth workshop on the wide variety of scrapers available and their uses. We will make several useful scraper sharpening and honing jigs. Students will shape and hone their scrapers then we will work on a variety of types of wood and joints to get practice on using scrapers. I will provide all of the tools necessary, but you are encouraged to bring your own scrapers to work on.

These are my final workshops for this year. I will put out a new schedule in January or February which should start March 1.
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