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Phil S

Board of Directors, President
Phil Soper
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The AAW Symposium at the Raleigh Convention Center shutdown at 2:15. We had the trailer loaded and pulled out of the center dock by 2:27. It was parked at my NE Raleigh home by 2:50. Great team work. Thanks everybody


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It was a fantastic show. Thanks to everyone that assisted in making it so successful.
Thanks to Coleman and Klingspor for everything they did for NCWW.

Michael Mathews

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We had a wonderful time! I do believe we will be seeing some new members on the forum due to our presence at AAW. I certainly expect to see Marie and JR around!


Board of Directors, Secretary
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Sorry I couldn't make it to this event, but thanks to all those that did support our group there. And thanks to Phil for championing this event.

Most things don't happen without a champion to promote them and make them happen. Both in this group and in every one that I've been associated with.


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Thanks to the planners. Thanks to those who staffed the booth. Thanks to the board for enabling the project. Thanks to the forum members for the opportunity. Thanks to PhilS for his hospitality, generosity, and amazing energy.

Thanks to Coleman and Klingspor for supporting our effort and support of the forum.

We had one confession of a new member as of this morning. We handed out >500 paper invites (new flyers) to join and no telling how many verbal invites.

Michael taught us how how to make captured rings 1/2" in diameter on a ~1" long turning.

Charlie was a rock star. It maybe two weeks before he regains his voice.

It was a great time and the AAW knows we were there.


Board of Directors, Treasurer
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+1 for a great event, and thanks to Phil for leading the group and his hospitality. Also thanks to Charlie and his awesome work for attracting so many visitors to our booth.


+++++another great event.... I always feel like I get way more than I give.
Although now I gotta buy a lathe.......


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It was a great event and I was very proud that the NCWW was there to take part. Even though I am not much of a turner, it was nice to meet those that are...and with Charlie's masterpieces on display, our booth really did have the right "bait" to real folks in! All-in-all it was a lot of fun! Thank you Phil and Charlie for all that you did to make this happen!

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