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Hello to all. I’m Brian from Newland NC, I have viewed this forum for years without joining but I finally decided that it was time. I have a carpentry job to support my furniture building habit. I am still trying to get my shop the way I want it with all the tools I need in it but I make do with what I have. I’ve always admired the amount of knowledge on this forum and love even more that it is all local to Carolinas and surrounding. Anyhow I just wanted to introduce myself so I can become more active in the other post. Thanks for letting me be part of this.


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Brian, Welcome and thanks for finally jumping into our sawdust pile!
If you don't mind, can you tell us why it took so long to join?

It is interesting and helps when we talk yo people about joining and can mirror their reluctance with someone who realises how helpful and enjoyable this site is!

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