NCFS Turners March 2019 Meeting


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Welcome all.

We will meet Saturday, March 2 at the NC Furniture School beginning at 10:00 AM. After a short business meeting (and wood swap), we'll have 8 lathes reserved for turning pen blanks.

Visitors welcome.

PM me if you have questions.


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Looking forward to it! What kind of wood should I bring for you?

Personally? Crotches and burls in hardwood. But I'll turn about anything as you know.

Club? I'm going to try to prepare some blanks for Saturday so that people can start turning and have some blanks to be prepared so people can get experience with step 1. I need to check our supply line to make sure what kits we will have on hand. I suspect we'll need some 3/4" X 3/4" X 2-3/4" stuff for that step 1 process. I have some materials in my personal stash but I need to inventory.

We'll have some pen kits for sale. I've personally got a couple of WSII and WSIIIs. However, I need to check with Stuart to make sure what kits we will have on hand. He went shopping recently.

And welcome back.
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We just started this a couple of months ago.

Everyone that can, brings something. Everyone that finds something interesting, takes something. We haven't been procedural-ly constricted in managing this. There is no quid pro quo. Sometimes you leave with nothing. Its more about building the member-network for us. YMMV.


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Well, I just made it to the new site and saw the posts...the day after our meeting. It was great to see everyone in the morning and in the evening at the "Ireland Trip" dinner. I'll bring wood to the next meeting.

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