My OCD has Gotten to a Whole New Plane


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OK........ I was looking at a couple of planes last week. But then I organized my planes and realized I have 18 planes........hmmmmmmm Too many ? probably not...... maybe.

TBH, I find the ones I use the most are the #5 Sweetheart low angle, the 4 1/2, the #6 scrub and the surprise is the Kolbalt block. I changed the iron on it and it works well. THe only thing is the mouth is a little too wide for me.

Better than the 40+ chisels I currently own


Chris C

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I don't really collect....I pass on way more than I buy. If it's not cheap I don't buy it. I have a hard $25 limit for the most part.

And I give them away... I've given away dozens over the years. About time to do it again.

Now my Millers Falls/Goodell Pratt eggbeater drill collection is a whole different matter.....


Frank C
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Tool addiction is one of the most serious and difficult to overcome. Adding a new tool to the collection only satisfies addicts for short periods of times. Companies advertising new tools as well as websites like ebay, only serve to exacerbate the condition. The addiction results in sleepless nights, restlessness days and justification to buy things that one does not really need.
In that there is no cure, you may just as well have happy days and restful night knowing the UPS truck will be there tomorrow.
I have to excuse myself and leave for now. The UPS truck just pulled up.


Ok, OK! , just ordered a Taylor rabbit plane.
Fedex should be here tomorrow with my ClearVIew.

Not new. "The Wells Fargo Wagon is a coming down the track
It might biein' some S-pppesal for me!" Music Man.

We all know, he who dies with the most tools, wins. All my tools are ready to use. None collected just to collect. Or at least that is the excuse to have one of each.


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It is not an addiction if you use them ;) Just like playing a musical instrument, you have to try many to discover which one works best for you :rolleyes: And...... that is why you need to keep buying new tools. The real problem is we are all too lazy to sell of the ones we no longer use........ Ergo......... we are just a bunch of apathetic blokes not tool addicts ;):D


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Good grief! That looks like my wife's shoe rack. I've lost every discussion on that regarding how many is too much, so I guess you're within reasonable boundaries. Oh yeah, congratulations on your collection.
No wonder I can't find any good uses planes - you already have them all!! <g>

Chris C

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Y'all must live in the desert because they are everywhere around here. I passed on two nice examples today... Granted the type fifteen #4 was marked $60 but could be bought less and the type thirteen #5 was painted green and had a hang hole in the toe. I thought $35 was too much.

Plus I don't have anywhere to store them at the moment.

And I'm trying to stick to the $25 limit.

And I'm really looking eggbeaters at the moment..... and saws.

No wonder I can't find any good uses planes - you already have them all!! <g>
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The problem isn't having so many planes.
It's the 4-hour layover every time you have to switch planes.

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