May 2015, NCWW Monthly Contest - Outdoor Projects

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The great weather brings us all outdoors. Now is the time to show us your best outdoor project.


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I've been meaning to take some photos, and suddenly May is ending today. Here's a project that started when my wife asked for some sort of screening to semi-hide the air conditioner unit beside our house and I wanted to do something that wouldn't impede air circulation around it. So I adapted a design for shoji screens, milling down a bunch of pressure-treated 4x4's and 1x6's. That led to the next request, for a similar screen for under our deck. No good deed goes unpunished, and the third stage was a pair of planters flanking the back door. There are a few screws used in the framing of the air conditioner screens, and a few in mounting the under-deck screen. Other than that, it's all glued and clamped.

At one point, our homebuilder stopped by. When he saw these, his comment was, "Well, that looks ... labor intensive."

One of these days I should stain them but there's no rush. (The box part of the planters is stained and spar-varnished plywood. Slats underneath for drainage.)



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Well, not sure if you consider this woodworking or construction, but here is a photo of a lil something I did for some friends over the last year.
Reil backyard.jpg
In the far back left is a 6' custom privacy fence, up front is a 42" decorative fence, the stairs you see coming off the deck are new and come out to 90 degrees, and the entire deck was stripped, redecked, new railings, leveled, etc. Took a lot of "days off..."
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