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I'm a die-hard fan of Matthias Wandel. This guy's brain will probably end up in a museum (hopefully after he's done with it.) Here's a video from 2015 where he talks about the money he spends on tools. By the way, he's either a present or former engineer for RIM, the maker of BlackBerry phones. He can probably afford to buy whatever tools he wants.

One of the reasons I like him (beyond his brain) is he doesn't beg for money all the time and showcase free tools he's received from manufacturers like so many other YouTube video producers of lesser skill do.



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Not to hijack this thread...but my favorite videos of his are where he evaluates ‘high end’ equipment and shows that the cheap stuff is actually better.

It would be worth comparing a shop like his verse something like a sponsored shop (e.g. The Wood Whisperer, Marc Spagnuolo) and/or a minimalist shop like Steve Ramsey.


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After making the first post in this thread, I got curious about him. After a little searching, I found this page. (It's a video about who he is. It's only interesting if you're already a fan.) By the way, I get quite annoyed at these YouTubers wanting to be famous, like April whatever her name is, but Matthias, although he is very confident about himself, does seem to have some humility.

Brain Pick (Matthias Wandel) with Bob Clagett

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It seems to me that Wandel is always saying, "You can do it and here's how". He's constantly encouraging his audience to try. He strives to enable, not entertain.

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He is quite ingenious, but I think he focuses a bit too much on building his machines on the cheap, to the extreme. He often uses low grade materials (MDF, thin aluminum, etc.) and fabricates Rube Goldberg/MacGyver parts, when the assembly he is building would be more durable and work better if other materials and a few commercially available parts that would add little to the cost, were used. It almost seems like he is trying to prove that he can make it as cheaply as possible- cost over durability and accuracy. You can make a dead blow hammer from a rock and a stick or lead shot, a tennis ball and a stick, but why, when you can get a much better one from Harbor Freight for less than $10 What is the expression? Penny wise and pound foolish?

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