Looking for a a wood selection to complement lacewood veneer work

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Working on a commission piece for someone who wants the panels veneered with lacewood. I don't want to do the edges of the top or any of the trim in lacewood as it would be way too much, so I'm looking for a combination to match well.

Final finish will be dark, if not ebonized, so long as we don't lose the characteristic lacewood grain pattern. I'm honestly thinking hard maple will work well for it, providing it doesn't have too much figure in it. But then again, perhaps curl would work well. Chances are we'll be dying the base of this to get to the color we want prior to spraying pre-cat lacquer for the final topcoats.

Anyone got ideas? Once I figure out grain patterns I'll be kicking out renderings for them, and I need to get a move on for this project.


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What about straight grained bubinga? Has strong straight grain and color wise is darn close to the lacewood to save time trying to match the color. I'm thinking curly + lace might be too much but strong straight grain with the lacewood just highlights the figure on the lacewood.
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