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This is an update to this thread I started back in August:

So we are dealing with an expensive broken band saw blade.

After reading the advice given in that thread I gave Lenox customer service a call. The takeaway from that was, Lenox policy is to go through the distributor/seller of the blade to resolve these issues. The CSR I talked with, Rick, did want to look at the blade to see if there was a defect.

I was told I should contact the seller (Spectrum Supply) who would then contact their Lenox rep and get the Lenox rep to issue an RMA so I could return the blade to Spectrum and they would then return the blade to Lenox for analysis. I did that, but Spectrum Supply looked at when I purchased the blade (15+ months earlier) and referred to their 90 day warranty policy. I explained that I only needed them (Spectrum) to contact Lenox for the RMA, but they would not budge. I will say this, although I did purchase the blade 15+ months ago, the blade was still in the box and not ever installed on my bandsaw until about 3 or so months prior to its failure. So, a 15+ month old blade with only about 3 months of use.

I went back and forth with Spectrum Supply (Anita) via email, but they would not budge. She even brought up where the blade was welded, which was irrelevant since the blade did not break at the weld. So, after my last email with Spectrum Supply I decided that the issue was dead, along with my patronage of Spectrum.

After another month or so of procrastination on my part, I decided to try Lenox again to see what they might be able to do. I contacted Lenox CSR through their on-line contact and explained the situation with Spectrum. I received a response (from Rick) the next day. I was asked to send some pictures of the break in the blade, which I did. Within an hour of me sending that email, Rick responded that he was going to have 'someone in the lab' look at the pictures. About 90 minutes after that Rick asked me to send the blade to his attention at Lenox.

About 3-4 days later I got an email from Rick letting me know that they would be replacing the blade. It arrived today.

That is how you do customer service. Kudos to Lenox and especially to Rick in customer service.

I do (sort of) understand why Spectrum Supply stuck to their 90 day policy, but the general tone and demeanor of their (Anita) responses left a bad taste for me. I just got a feeling like their policy was much more important to them then trying to help out a long time customer. Not sure if I will be giving them any more of my occasional business.


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Thanks for the update Mark, glad there was eventually a happy ending!

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