July 2016 Contest - Veneer

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Thanks very much to Steve Honeycutt for showing how to upload photos. I just about gave up trying!

Here's my entry: William & Mary Spice Box on frame, ca. 1740, Chester County, Pennsylvania (I grew up on a farm there).

Line & Berry inlay (holly, cedar). Ebonized maple legs.

The veneer is burl maple........





Phil S

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Phil Soper
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Bill, Thanks you so much for posting those photos of that great work. WOW


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Well darn Bill there goes any chance of winning the pot of gold and putting shoes on the kids. Very nice work indeed. At first glance I thought you put cockbeading on the drawers.

You have a big investment in materials on this project alone. Just the brass alone gets costly with so many drawers. I suspect the locks, hinges, and pulls are the work of Ball and Ball(Penn supplier)?

I'm looking at the beautiful work on the inside of the doors and I must say how surprised I am to see it. Did the original from 1740 have detailed work on the inside?

I know this is a Penn piece and they did things differently in many cases but that is special. Having a New England background, I never saw the inside of furniture finished like that. Shops around Boston and Providence would not put the hours into working the insides. I have even found pieces with the inside surfaces left with toothing plane grooves that would have taken them a few passes with a smoothing plane to make it look better. Go figure.

Very nice Bill hope you post more photos of your work.



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Scott Smith
The quality of submittals this month is simply outstanding. IMO every one of you deserves to win. Thanks to all for serving as an inspiration for the rest of us.

Bill Clemmons

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I'm always amazed at the quality of some NCWW members. The submissions this month are just outstanding. Thanks to each of you for posting your beautiful work. :notworthy:


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I'm back from my family reunion and will now close this contest and start up the new one. Look for the poll and then the new contest very shortly in this forum. Just as soon as I can get things set up. Lots of great entries this month. Thanks to all who shared their excellent work and good luck to all.
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