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Hello everyone,
I have finally joined the community after many visits to the forum as a guest. The topics and discussions here are awesome and I am excited to get more involved.
I've been woodworking as a hobby for about seven years. Originally I had a large outdoor closet and had to pull each tool out individually, weather permitting. More recently I moved into a house with a three car garage, half of which my wife has graciously allowed me to develop into shop space. This forum has been tremendously resourceful in helping me find great used equipment (laguna bandsaw, powermatic dust collector, Dewalt planer...) at great prices. My first major purchase was the sawstop contractor saw which is awesome. With all the new space and equipment I am working to furnish some new rooms in our house. Thus far have finished a desk and media console, both in cherry, to complement the coffee table that was made outside at our previous house; as well as a closet system; and a quarantine-ready laptop stand. Few pictures attached.
In just a few minutes I'll be sending along my first question for this great community.
Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself.
Durham, NC


Bear Republic

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Welcome to the Neighborhood! Lots of great folks here with tons of experience to share. Those are some really nice builds, good quality work.


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Welcome to the forum. Based upon your pics, you'll be a contributor from the get-go.

Jim M.

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Welcome Rob, some great projects, nice shop and a beautiful family, it doesn't get any better than that. J


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Welcome to the forum ! Rob, you will like it here

Roy G

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Looks like a tack trunk is in your future, maybe two if both of the girls ride. My daughter rode for years so I helped by making jumps and assorted stall improvements at the stable. I was always impressed at how the kids would jump in and shovel out stuff from the stalls but had trouble cleaning up a bedroom. Welcome and save your shavings for horse bedding.

Roy G

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