Imagine that... grain direction matters..face palm


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I’ve made a bit of a change in my wood working recently and decided I wanted to get into hand tool wood working. I’m getting ready to head off to flight school and I figure it’s harder to chop off a hand this way.
BUT thankfully people like Paul Sellers, Rob Cosman, and Rex Krueger exist to make videos on how to get it done. Until I get involved and slave away for 20 minutes on the mortise on the right. Then to watch again and realize I was cutting the wrong way. Major face palm. The one of the left was 5 minutes.


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Looks to me like you could use a good chisel sharpening class.
That’s the plan for today. My 1/2 and 1/4 don’t fit in my guide very well so I’ve been delaying doing them by hand. I know what the main thing is going to be. Practice, practice, and more practice.

Pop Golden

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I have been woodworking from the 7th. grade shop on. I am turning 81 soon, and I've ALWAYS had trouble sharpening. I now have 2 sharpening systems with another on the way. My WorkSharp is the answer to prayer. I'm going to up grade it with CBN wheels that fit the WorkSharp. Will still use sandpaper on slotted wheels. For lathe there's only Oneway Wolverine system. I also have a system for the Oneway that helps with tool placement. The Raptor system is a set of gauges that sets the tool holder to length according to angle wanted. The up coming system will be a 1/2 in. sheet of float glass with sandpaper attached. That is for things that don't fit the WorkSharp.


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