If you just gave up?


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I think I have done well in getting rid of some tools (says the obsessive compulsive) When I moved to Hawaii I sold off 3000 lbs of tools.
Yeah, yeah I still have 2000 lbs but still, I did try. :oops:

Seriously, when I get older probably get rid of the table saw and go to smaller one. As long as I can build something then, it would be hard to let go.

I had a stroke 18 months ago, and the prognossis was pretty bleak, but I didn't give in. I have recovered with hard work and the grace of God. But still, I suffer from constant pain. But Perspective and outlook makes the best of anything....... and that, is one reason why I build stuff and create.
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I certainly wasn't alluding to "getting shot" with my "no going back" comment. Rather, I had in mind Cortez burning his ships when he reached the new world - and that action motivated them to move on to other things.

To me, the turning point is where I no longer have the 'passion' for it ... mostly in that as I get older, I find it more and more difficult to produce the quality I've been accustomed to in the past. I'm a long way from that point, but when I do reach that point, I can turn the page; sell or gift my stuff and move on. I've been retired for almost 5 years now, and even still have too many hobbies :)


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This can be a painful subject as you (and I) age. Circumstances change. Interests change. I'm approaching my mid-70's now and while in fairly good health I have my good days and bad days just like many of us. For sure I have neither the strength nor stamina I did even 4-5 years ago. I'd say that my days of 8-10 hours in the shop at a stretch doing heavy work are pretty much a things of the past. Same on major house projects.

Fortunately I'm under no financial pressures to sell off anything. I could keep it all. That can have a down side in that at some point it all might have to become someone else's problem. I don't want to rush into selling or giving stuff away except to my grown kids.

What I can say for sure is that it's cheaper to keep stuff than to buy it again, so I don't give in to the kind of thoughts that say, "just unload it all and be done with it."

I can definitely say that my wife is more than fine with everything staying. It's not like I don't do anything around the house with my tools. Never give up.


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I have no significant health issues and I do not really know what I'd do if I did. But I know I really missed it when I had no shop for about a year after moving into my current house before I had another garage built. I got rid of a few tools because I didn't want to pay to store them but put most into a storage unit along with the better wood. I am still recovering in the sense that I do not have a bandsaw and my dust collection piping is incomplete. If I just got rid of a bunch of small scraps I would be able to work easier, however. I tend to focus on big stuff when smaller changes would make as much difference.

My suggestion is to hang onto at least the tools you really like. Even if you cannot use them as much, you may still be able to enjoy the occasional use. The stuff you'd like to replace or otherwise don't care for, might be candidates to find new homes.


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