I used to make everything I needed with...

Roy G

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The dining room table I made as my first real project took a Sears table saw, a Sears 3/8" drill, a Sears jack plane, several bar clamps and a lot of sandpaper.

Roy G

Dave Richards

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When I first started out as a biomedical equipment technician I was told a good biomed could fix anything with a bent fork and a toothpick. Not so much anymore. You need some black tape to put over the red lights. :D

Pop Golden

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Like I said before, I take the same path as old Norm. I never met a power tool I didn't like. (apologizes to Will Rogers). I still have to change router bits while Norm just changes routers, but I'm trying hard to get there. LOL

Pop :D


I have lived and worked with less and I have lived and worked with more and while I could - I know I enjoy knowing I have the right tool for the job and experience to use it properly...


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I guess the bottom line would be a multi-tool (i,e, Leatherman, Gerber, Victorinox, SOG, etc).

However, if I was just downsizing, unless I lived in a condo with a maintenance man, I would hold on to my basic hand tools (Hammer, chisels, a couple saws, screwdrivers, etc). as well as a couple battery powered drill drivers. As for power tools, my table saw would be the last to go. Even if I couldn't physically fix what needed fixin', I could coach someone else through the process. (That last thought would also apply to garden tools, wrenches, etc).

Might look at it differently if I was rich. LOL


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I got by with a lot less initially due to limited resources. I built things that worked but that stuff is nearly all gone - donated. I do not have the patience to do good work with very limited tools. I accept it is possible, just not by me. I enjoy doing what I consider good work but I need at least a track saw, table saw, domino or hollow chisel mortiser, routers, sanders, and a jig saw. For some work, a bandsaw is a near necessity.


Phil Ashley
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i'd be hard pressed to live without my small bosch drill/driver, it's a lifesaver on shop projects and home improvement

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