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Sandy Rose

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Its getting time to paint our house and was wondering if anyone has any experience or advice on using a HVLP handheld system that can spray unthinned latex paint. In theory, I would think it should work - but I'm not sure what would happen during a stiff breeze. Would it work, or just blow away before hitting the side of the house.

Any advice is welcome.
since I have been researching hplv for a bit what you need to look into is airless systems the higher stage units hvlp will spray latex in more short doses but to do a house airless is probally the way to go and if you are just doing it once people on forums talked about just renting spayers for that purpose

the less hvlp stages the more you have to thin latex
and you have to get a bigger needle to shoot the thicker matterial

but for your purpose airless

for my purpose I want to have the option to shoot a little latex
and looking to at least get a 3 stage

and the fuji systems are looking like my best option


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Best for spraying a house with latex is an airless. If you have RB&B or T-11 siding, then a good idea is to also have someone standing by with a paint roller on a long handle and "back-roll" over the sprayed paint to get it all to come out even. Unless you are well-experienced with it, you will be best advised to do the trim by brush and roller.

As with any paint job, the most important step is the prep before painting. Remove all loose and peeling paint, sand the rough edges, and then a good pressure cleaning (Don't skimp on the rinse. Paint does not like soap residue).

As for overspray, any spray method will result in it going down wind. Latex isn't too bad, but it will get on plants, decks, etc, and you will need to mask off the windows/doors with tape and plastic film. Best to move any vehicles out of the area or cover them with tarps.

What type of siding/surface are you painting?

I first responded to the question on my phone but now since I see you are in Raleigh. I recommended you call http://www.usa-paint.com/ .... Color Masters will do it right and it is worth a quote when you factor in your time and effort it could possibly be best just to get it knocked out


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Most HVLP guns do not handle latex very well. Even if they do, the latex is more abrasive than most finishes and can wear or damage your gun. Even if you had a gun or 4-stage system that would handle latex, I'd still recommend renting an airless system...or just use a brush & roller.


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I have never seen latex sprayed... well!

Menaing the job left something to be desired.
As Mark said - you almost always have to back roll a sprayed surface.

Now I have been told that the Earlex does a good job - but I think it is intended for smaller jobs than complete houses...

I don't have one (I may soon...) but you might have a look at this;



Papa Red
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I've learned from the past that when it comes to painting a house it's best to just cut a check and have someone else do it. Just my 2 cents. I agree with what everyone else has said also.



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I have both airless and a 3 stage hvlp. While I have been able to spray latex for cabinets with my hvlp you have to thin the paint way too much to get good atomization and it effects the durability of the finish. I will only spray latex through my airless sprayer which is designed to spray these heavy body paints with ease. The biggest issue with an airless spray system is to clean it thoroughly after each use.
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