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Jeff here is a picture of the deck. The grill would be on the right side.
Thanks for the pictures. Scenic and relaxing Lake Gaston. I didn't see your boat.

You could still put a partial roof over a portion of the deck where the grill is (on the right side of your 1st pic). The rafters tie into a few of your existing roof rafters. 7 rafters @ 16" oc would be about an 8' l area.
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I know what you mean about getting rained or, so standing in the hot sun. This is what I did for my grill and Big Green Egg. It won't work for you on your deck but it might give you some ideas. Lights above and at least 1 convenience outlet are great adds. I piped my grill to my main propane tank so I never run out of fuel. Size 10'x12'
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Scott- I'm not going to be much help except to say I'm officially jealous of your location and if I lived there I would definitely build Dave Richards design ! That is awesome. Covered with translucent panels would be my favorite. (of course in this fantasy someone else gets to clean those panels) Remember to show us whatever you end up with.

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