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Brian Sims

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Wanted to take a minute and say hello from Castle Hayne, NC. I just joined NCWoodworker. Been hand carving works of wood art for about 30 years, Started HipShot Wood Carving in 2003 with our website www.hipshotwood.com . Since then we have shipped original works and commission carvings worldwide. I hope to learn from you all and if possible, share some of what I have learned with the group.


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Welcome Brian,
We are glad you found us and look forward to seeing more of you professional-level carving!
(BTW, LOVED the glove and baseball on your site!!!)


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Thanks for all the kind words! They are greatly appreciated. I don't give formal lessons, but I am happy to answer questions and such. Please visit my website to see more of my work. I also post my work on
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Twitter at https://twitter.com/hipshot301
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Thanks again everybody! Glad to be with you all.
Thanks Brian - Following on IG now!
I think with all the interest that when this Pandumbic thing is over, maybe we could cajol you into doing a class. Just pick something and have a few helpers to guide and direct a small group of "Wannabe" carvers! just a thought!

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