Greensboro Lunch Bunch - Something Different

Bill Clemmons

Corporate Member
At our monthly lunch today we discussed the recent thread posted by Mike Davis. Mike was asking about changes that might make it easier for more people to attend our monthly lunches. While there were no great revelations, one thing mentioned by several was a different day of the week would help them. So, for the month of May we are going to try meeting on the third TUESDAY rather than the usual third Thursday. Mark your calendars now for May 21, and I'll send out a reminder a few days ahead of time.


Board of Directors, Development Director
Staff member
Corporate Member
As another potential idea, what about doing a dinner during the week OR a brunch on a weekend? For those of us not lucky enough to be in retirement or have jobs that allow us to leave the office for too long, lunch is hard to make. Just some ideas....

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