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I have a question for for you that turn green bowls. I have turned some walnut bowls and put them into a plastic tub in the shaving to dry. The pros say that that is a good way to let the bowls dry. My question is do I leave the lid on the container (air tight), or remove the lid and let the air get to the shavings? I check the bowls every week or so and they seem to be retaining moisture, or at least not drying to fast.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thinks for the help.



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That's a different method than I use.

I've heard of putting a green bowl blank into a paper bag with shavings, but not in a plastic tub. I just don't know. I use the DNA approach.



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I would think that there has to be some, even if minimal, air exchange around the bowl. I have used the paper bag method with no problems. I intend to use the alcohol method as soon as I get a chance. I've heard nothing but positive reviews for DNA.

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I would not leave them in a plastic tub with the lid on. You want to slow the drying, but sealed up like that they will probably start to mold.

The paper bag lets the moisture out slowly.

Alcohol displaces the water and then dries faster, but without cracking, splitting or warping. Even then you have to seal the outside of the bowl in paper bag to slow the release of moisture.

Stresses in the wood have to have time to equalize slowly to keep from cracking but not too slowly or you get mold.

You can try the fresh wood chips in plastic with the lid off, but be sure the bowl is covered by a foot of more of chips. Wash the container and replace the wood chips with fresh cuttings each time. Still a paper bag may give better results.
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