Grandfather Clock / Tall Case Clock Project


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I had always dreamed of one day making a grandfather's clock. Until I retired a few years ago, I never had the time to dedicate to it. Well, about one year ago, I managed to focus on this and complete a project. I bought the original plans from in Lake Geneva, Wi. I also bought the movement from them.

The case is made of Cherry primarily, including cherry plywood in the back and the base. The mortise and tenon joinery of the doors and sides was very detailed. I cut them on the table saw as the tenons were only 1/8" thick and about 1/2" long. I modified the "crown" to use Greene & Greene type box joints with the ebony pins.



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Very, very nice! I am very confident that this has instantly become a family heirloom!


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It appears Klockit is out of business. I sent emails (no response) and called them (phone number disconnected). Are there any other recommended clock kit dealers anyone uses?


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Mike, There is a company in Canada that I used when I built my grandmother clock. They are Arek's Murray Clocks and their web address is I just checked the address and it is valid. I worked with them online and on the phone and they were really nice folks to work with. They have plans, kits, movements, parts, etc.

Mike Davis

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I have always wanted to build a clock, yours turned out very nice. I like the style and it looks very well constructed.

An old friend from college gave me a clock works but I either lost it or gave it away before I could build a case. His uncle made new all wood clock works that was over 40 years old when I first saw it.

Now I’m thinking I need to build a very different kind of clock. I would need to steal the works and convince someone to build the case under duress. Probably use bloodwood with pearl inlay. Not your typical grandfather clock, no more like a godfather clock.

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