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Guy Belleman
I need some 4" x 8" x 75" thick oak boards jointed, glued up and then planed or sanded smooth for a bench top. Final width is 26". I am located in the Independence, VA, area and am looking for doing this near the end of June. Any ideas on where I can get this done?

Why until June you might ask. I am a Dept. of Defense school teacher that goes to my mountain house during the summer. I started this project last summer, completing the base, but ran out of time when my planer broke. And my wife says I can not buy any tools (jointer in my mind) this summer, since we are transferring from Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to Misawa Air Base, Japan.

Appreciate any help.


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That will be a serious bench top! A local cabinet shop should be able to run it through their wide belt sander after it is assembled for a small fee. Most of us are a fair distance south of you but I imagine you can find someone in the Mt. Airy area with a jointer and planer to help for a few frosty adult beverages.
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