Gazebo placement


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Bought a 12x14 Gazebo kit. It will be placed on the concrete deck at one end of the pool. Now ready to take all finished parts to the deck to complete putting it together.

Being a little slow I just thought about the pool deck being sloped to allow for water run off. Everything I have read has said to place it on a level surface. How would someone who knows what they are doing handle this?

The columns have plates on the bottom to allow for securing it to deck but do not hold the columns very far off the deck. I am now worried about the bottom of the columns staying wet. I have thought about sealing the bottoms with poly but not sure if this is a good idea.


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If the columns are untreated softwood then I would definitely put something between them and concrete. Like a pressure treated block. You could also use the blocks to deal with a slope in the concrete surface. Like make them of different thicknesses. I would still seal the bottom of the columns but would probably use paint if possible. If they need to be clear coated then poly seems OK to me. It is always good to have both sides of lumber finished the same to avoid the wood cupping when the unfinished side absorbs moisture.

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
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I'd shoot a line level across the planned mounting points to see what the differences are. If absolute level is required, then a machine shop can cut some aluminum spacers of the right dimensions.
The interpretation of the word "level" can vary greatly.

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