First Puzzle Box completed

Richo B

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Been slowly working on designing and building my first puzzle box since January. Different from my puzzle cabinets this is just a box that has some hidden locks that must be solved in order to open. Nothing special, just me experimenting and learning to make puzzle boxes. Back in March I posted about a Donkey's Ear I made to go with my shooting board. That mini project took me away from this project but was necessary in order to make the sides of this box. I'll share more on the inner locks sometime in the future. I'm still finalizing one of the locks that had to wait until the box was pretty much done.

8-Exterior completed_5.11.21_02.jpg
8-Exterior completed_5.11.21_01.jpg

Complete with Stanley No. 6_3.24.21.jpg
Donkey's Ear project

In keeping with my interest in older period furniture, the puzzle box is actually based on a tea caddy that I saw in a book that belongs to one of my conservator friends in the Winston Salem area.

Tea caddy with hidden drawer.jpg
Tea caddy with hidden drawer - inspiration for this project; Unknown what book this came from.

I've already started planning my next puzzle box which will be a little larger and may look more like one of my cabinets.

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