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I have a 2hp Grizzly dust collector that is several years old. Recently it has started to make an ear-splitting buzzing rattle that starts a few seconds after the unit is turned on. I've tightened every bolt I could find, but the noise persists. Unfortunately, tightening bolts is the extent of my mechanical capabilities. Even with ear protection the sound is annoying - without it, the sound is unbearable. Here's a link to a video demonstrating the exact same sound only 7 seconds into the video. This is also a Grizzly, although not the same model as mine. The dust collector works normally with the exception of that sound. Can anyone shed some light as to what might be causing it?

I spoke, at great length, to a tech at Grizzly. This was perhaps the best experience I've ever had talking to a company's tech department. He went out of his way to help diagnose the problem. He even went online and viewed the video I linked to above. After seeing the video, he consulted three other techs and they all
diagnosed the problem as a defective impeller. A buddy of mine and I had taken the collector apart only to find no problem with the bearings or shaft. Unfortunately, replacing the impeller would cost about a third as much as a new machine without any guarantee that a new impeller would actually solve the problem. Considering the age of the collector, I opted to replace the machine with a new one. Two thumbs up for Grizzly techs.

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Pete Davio
if you take the machine apart, you will likely find quite a bit of wobble in the shaft that drives the impeller.


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I agree bearings are a strong candidate. There could also be a bit of debris rubbing on the impeller. I would pull the cover off the impeller (it is where the air enters the blower) and see if there is debris or if there is a wobble. My HF cover comes off with a bunch of screws.

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