Drum Sander - Delta vs Performax (Jet)

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My gut check would say NO DOUBT go with the Performax (branded as Jet often). I have one and it's VERY well built, heavy duty, and known to be a great performer in it's price range.

Typically, from my experience, anything marked "Delta" is lesser quality (not bad, just lesser). Their target market these days is entry- level stuff and only a handful of Delta items seem to meet all of my personal quality checks.

Note: I've never used a Delta drum sander -- so I can't offer any real comparison.


I have a Delta Drum Sander and have never been pleased with it. I do not like the clamps which hold the paper on and many other things. I do not think that you will be pleased with the Delta.

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Do you have the infeed - outfeed tables? Seems like you would want them. Don't want to spend more than I need to. I will run some longer stock, up to 8'.


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Fred Ford
Most of my major tools ore Delta, however I do not intend to buy another one. I loose track of what parent company has Delta. After the last transfer the maintenance was made difficult to imposable. Spare part were cut by a factor of 10 or more. It is now very difficult to get parts when something breakers.


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I owned a single drum sander and it wasn't cut out to do what I needed it to do. Are you going to be a casual user? If so I'd go with the Performax brand. The Delta has a design flaw in the table adjusting system. I know I have personal experience with one. Now if you are more than a casual user your probably not going to be happy with the slow feed rate and linear scratches that a drum leaves behind. An oscillating dual drum or a widebelt sander give much better results. Yeah they cost more but you'll be trading up sooner or later!
It's all according to how and what you are going to be doing with it.


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Thank you for the responses. I have read a bunch of reviews and just got more confused. Which size do you have - 16-32?
I have the smaller 10/20 ... but even it is build like a tank (trust me, I had to lift it each time I wanted to use it & was continually shocked by the weight of that beast)

As for the infeed/outfeed ... I'd go ahead and get them. Otherwise you'll need to make a pair, and if time is money that will take longer than you probably want to spend.


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I have the Performax 22/44, picked it up used at a pretty decent price. I'm still leaning to use it, but it has performed really great so far.

Like you I did a lot of research on the web between the Performax and the Delta. After all my reading I came to the conculsion that Performax is the way to go.

Good Luck, and show us the picts when you get one.


I'm going to toss in another option. MichaelGarner has a large Woodmaster drum sander in the Classified Ads for Sale for $1,600 (click on the picture): but I suspect he would be willing to negotiate the price. I have a 26" Woodmaster (Model 2650) that I bought used and it is built like a tank and so is the 38" unit that Michael has. Go here if you want more information on their line of drum sanders; I think Michaels is a Model 3850, which preceded the newer 3875. They feature 6" wide hook and loop paper (available from Klingspor's Woodworking Shop) and have an excellent variable speed conveyor feed belt and a 5 HP Leeson running the drum. I have been very happy with mine.

If you do decide on one of the other two, I would opt for the 22/44 Jet/Performax. I just helped a colleague buy one in Charlotte at Blume Supply during their sale for $1795.


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Pete Davio
IIRC, Michael's Woodmaster has a 7 hp Leeson turning the drum. It is an awesome machine, and he did a top-notch job with the rehab on it, too.

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A couple of years ago, I bought a Woodtek double drum sander that had been used one time and was absolutely as new. I felt bad when when I offered $250. and the owner accepted. After a short period of time and a lot of sand paper, I sold it for $200. and (like they say in the car business) GOT ALL THE MONEY for it. It would have made a good boat anchor. I tried a Performax next and felt pretty much the same way about it. Couldn't get rid of it fast enough. I ordered a new Festool RO and vacuum and after using it I now understand why the cost as much they do. I hate sanding but the Festool does make it bearable. About a month ago I purchased Northstate 17" open end wide belt sander. Exact machine that Powermatic sells at over a thousand dollars more. Not inexpensive, but WOW! If any of you are ever down this way; stop by for a cold one and see this beast in action. I would recommend this sander to the most discriminating woodworker.


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I have had the 16/32 Performax since before they came out with the larger 20/40...great tool that takes some getting used to but does a good job once you figure it out.


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