Drawer Slide Jigs - Rockler vs Kreg


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I like the idea of a drawer slide jig, but wonder if folks find one more usurious than the other? I tend to only build inset drawer fronts. I’d like feedback from folks that have used these or even another drawer slide jig.

The Rockler seems to offer more settings https://www.rockler.com/rockler-universal-drawer-slide-jig

-grips drawer slide in the jig
-adjustable set back for the slide to face frame
-repeatable height spacing

Con: The jig lacks the ability to hold the drawer box for attaching the drawer slide and is twice the price.

The Kreg https://www.kregtool.com/store/c60/hardware-jigs/p410/drawer-slide-jig/

-2 jigs
-can hold the drawer box while attaching slides

Con: lacks adjustability, which I think may be an issue with inset drawer fronts.

I have generally used a combination square and pencil marks in yhrnoast and the jugs seem like a lifesaver, so any thoughts from others experience is very appreciated!

Mark Johnson

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I have the Kreg and found it awkward to clap and use. I went without using a jig, but I would consider trying the Rockler. For attaching the drawer slide to the drawer, I made a platform for the drawer to sit on and then cut a strip to glue to the edge of the platform that allowed the slide to sit at exactly the right position for mounting. That worked well.


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Thanks Mark!

The Rockler seems to offer more versatility and your suggestion solves the drawer problem.


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I do not use any jig, simply use stringers wherever the slides are going, drop slides on them, they sit there waiting for you to install them :D


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I have the Rockler jig but I've found that plywood spacers work just as well and are simpler for me to use. Just cut some 1/4" or 1/2" plywood spacers on the table saw and use them to space out the slides. The will support the slide at the correct height and keep it level as it's installed. Unless you're doing multiple cabinets with the same drawer spacing they can just be discarded after use.


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I agree. If you cabinet has multiple drawers, I have also just made the plywood spacers for the top drawer and then cut it down for the other drawers.


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Sounds like plywood is the answer. And I can’t believe I missed something so obvious. I previously used a combination square that doesn’t quite hold the slide.

Thanks for reallocating my hobby budget to something more useful!

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