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Hi Gang,

I've started on a partner desk for a couple in Annapolis using Kyle Edwards beautiful unsteamed walnut..but this post isn't about me!!

The customer wants an inlay on the top. Someone in NCWW pointed me to Matt Furjanic...I forget who it was now, but thanks a bunch anyway. I wanted something special...had some nice birdseye maple, sent it to Matt..and FOUR DAYS later he mailed me 30 feet of the nicest stuff I've ever seen.

This custom inlay banding is exactly 1/2" wide, precisely and uniformly 50 mils thick (bit more than 3/32"). He put two veneer layers of walnut and maple on the edges of the birdeye. He is a true artist...there's nothing out there commercially that I've seen that's even close to what he does.

His website

has a bunch of standard designs that are pretty nice too.

The sample I'm sending has just one coat of finish. I'm suggesting the Brusso drawer pulls to the customer as well..but I bet he goes nuts over the inlay.

Don :eusa_danc
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Larry Rose

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Larry Rose
I bought some ebony and holly stringing from him and was 100% satisified with the quality and speed of shipping. If anyone needs banding and stringing supplies you can't go wrong with Kyle Edwards.
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