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Mike Davis

Board of Directors, President
Corporate Member
Contact me for wood working classes in my small shop, limited to no more than two students per class for very attentive instruction.

An Introduction to the Hand Tool Woodshop – 6 hours. $90.

This class is designed with the curious beginner in mind.
Are you interested in wood working with hand tools?
If you’d like to learn more about working wood using only your hands and a few simple tools then this is six hours well spent.
Come into my work shop and learn not only how, but why, I use hand tools to help create fine furniture.
Learn how a work shop can be set up in a small space.
Discover the tools used and the material choices available.
Take the first steps along the journey of wood craft and discover for yourself if the hand tool wood shop is for you.

An Introduction to Hand Planes – 6 hours. $90.
Find out what hand planes you’ll need and how to work with them.
What’s the first plane you should have?
What plane is best suited for each application?
Should you buy new or used for your first hand plane?
In this introduction to hand planes, you’ll get an overview of hand planes and how to use them.
You’ll actually learn how they work and practice how to use them,
how to set them up, and how to maintain them while you work.

A Beginners Guide to Sharpening – 6 hours. $90.
The best hand tools in the world are useless if they are not sharp.
If you’re new to wood working or have been struggling with hand tools the answer may be sharpening.
Join me in my work shop where I’ll teach you how to easily and effectively sharpen your hand tools and how to maintain them.
I’ll show you the tools you’ll need and the techniques I use.
Learn the difference between water stones, oil stones, diamond stones, what honing guides are best and what to avoid.
You will learn and practice in this six hour class and you’ll walk away with a better understanding of what a sharp hand tool can do.

Hand cut Dovetails – 6 hours. $90.
Dovetail joinery has become ‘the hallmark’ of fine furniture making and in this class we’ll cover all of the steps needed to make a through dovetail joint.
We’ll look at the tools required, the choices in design and I’ll teach you how to lay out and saw this age-old joint using only hand tools.
You will learn and practice by making a small dovetailed box.

Mortise and Tenon Joinery - 6 hours. $90.
Learn classic mortise and tenon joinery using hand tools only or a combination of power and hand tools.
I’ll teach you how to lay out and execute this joint and share some tips to make the process a little easier and accurate.
This class is a must for anyone who would like to build furniture that will last through the ages.


Scott Bilicki
Staff member
Corporate Member
Are these all 1 day classes or is the 6 hours broken up over multiple days?

Mike Davis

Board of Directors, President
Corporate Member
All one day. Can combine 2 for a discount and a very long day, but cuts down on transportation costs.


Board of Directors, Treasurer
Staff member
Corporate Member
Mike's in Walnut Cove close to Hanging Rock State Park.

I can highly recommend him as a teacher and woodworker.

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