Changing entry door swing side?


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As I have stated previously, my wife and I are rehabing a mobile home. We're downsizing and will be using it as a transition place.

I am going to replace the front door and storm door. Currently the storm door out-swings to the left and the entry door in-swings to the left, impeding access to the living room and kitchen, plus we will have an end table directly to the left of the doorway, so lots of opportunities for banging the door into the end table.

I was thinking of changing the door to a right in-swing, to give easier access to the living room/kitchen/master bedroom, which is the direction we'll be headed 90-95% of the time, and there will be no furniture to bump into as there is a hallway on that side. BUT, that would block the hallway to the guest bath and bedroom (center photo), and the storm door would have to remain a left out-swing because of the orientation of the steps (first photo), which we will not be changing.

Other details:
  • The current left in-swing blocks access to the light switch for the main light in the center of the living room.
  • The proposed right in-swing would make it easier to turn that main light on as you enter, but would block access to the porch light switch and a switch that activates the receptacle behind the proposed end table where a lamp will most likely sit.
  • It will just be the two of us most of the time, but we do have friends and relatives who come and stay for 2-3 days at a time. I would hate to smack someone with the door as they were exiting the hall into the living room.
  • I don't want to get into moving the switches on top of everything else we have to do.

Looking for feedback on this.
Any downside to having the storm door swing to one side and the main door swing to the other side, other than looking weird?

Is blocking that hallway to the guest area with the door just a really bad idea?


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The only thing i see that could throw a wrench in the project is will the entry door hit the hall wall when it swings open? Other than that i would think it would only be a matter of either buying a new right swing door or modifying the one you already have.


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Just leave it and adjust to it during your temporary stay there.

If you're carrying in groceries, etc and you open the storm door (right side) then the main door entry handle is also on the right side so you don't have to cross arms or switch grips to open the main door.

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