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REGGIE, just buy led bulbs that bypass the ballast, they are 110v, throw away the ballst, red,blue go to black and yellow goes to white. 6000k cri at least 45w, that is a touch over 100w flourescent. GO AMAZON LOL
I think I understood someone here to say awhile back that the replacement LED lamps that used the existing standard ballast in a fixture didn't save any energy because the current draw for the ballast was the same. I tried to find some of like that but all I have seen recently say "for replacement in fixtures with electronic ballasts". What would be the difference in these 3 methods?


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I have 8' florescent in my shop. Would love to just convert them to LED bulbs.
I bought 8' fixtures with tubes online from Lowes----Marked down to 79.46 from 85.57 +tax and free shipping to my home. Tonight I went back on line to check the specs Etc. and the price had been lowered to 51.64!!! Good thru 4/8 if supplies last. I got on live chat and was able to get my price on the ones I have already received reduced to the 51.64. I AM A HAPPY CAMPER. If anyone is interested------the item # is 1640033-----8' fixture uses 4 T8 tubes that produce 5000K daylight @ 7200 lumens.

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