Busted Paint Sprayer Hose

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I picked up an old Sherwin Williams compressor with a 25' hose and one sprayer gun. Gun looks to be clean and usable. Now here's the funny part. My wife spotted the hose and had an instant use for it--an extension for her too short outdoor garden hose. Now I don't if the hose was defective when I got it or the water pressure split it, but either way I now have a hose with a significant leak under water pressure.

I wrapped the hose with Gorilla tape, but I'm not confident it sealed the leak 100% because the outside of the hose is corrugated. Can the hose be repaired well enough to use, and if so what are your suggestions on how to seal it? Thanks.

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
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Some of those hoses I've seen were polymer plastic like frisbees. Not a whole lot can be done. Maybe wrap it with silicone glue. If its a small leak with water, its unlikely to effect air pressure since (I'm assuming) that it is an HVLP unit run from some sort of turbine or other high volume air source.


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cut the split and splice it with a brass couple. If you wanted to get tricky, you could clean the split and use the light activated glue then use a rubber tape over it to limit the expansion in hose there. That would be an iffy fix. I would splice it.

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