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In case anyone is interested, Brian Boggs is having another bandsaw webinar this Saturday. Details below. Also he is looking for a few folks to be live in the audience, so if you’re nearby Asheville and would like to do that, give them a call. - I’m just sharing the info and am not directly involved in the class
Our second webinar, "Constant Curves - Single Radius Point Bandsaw Techniques," happens this Saturday at 12noon!

Will you be there?

Imagine sawing a curve so accurately that the surface comes off the saw needing no further dressing to be glue-joint ready.

In this webinar, Brian will teach you how to use curve cutting fixtures that will be the basis for building more complex bandsawing processes. These superbly precise methods for cutting single radius curves will allow you to create projects you haven't yet imagined with multiple radii curves and more.

Brian Boggs will teach three techniques for bandsawing curves, one freehand and two guided. The final method will create a curved fence which will allow you to cut varying radii with a range of at least four inches.

Plans for Brian's curve cutting fixtures will be included with your purchase of this webinar, although they will follow at a later date.

Join us live at noon ET on April 20th for "Constant Curves - Single Point Radius Bandsawing Curve Techniques."

If you can’t attend the live viewing, the replay will be available through the same link as the live webinar.

The cost is $29.99.

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