best source for wide SYP boards?

Jerome B

New User
I am about to make some Thomas Jefferson book boxes. I need some SYP that is atleast 13" wide prefereably 5/4 thick, but 4/4 will do. Where can I find material like? While I am at it I need some wide Walnut boards also. I am in Graham.

Bill Clemmons

Corporate Member
Hey Jerome, long time no see. We've missed you. A few years ago I got some very nice SYP at The Hardwood Store in Gibsonville. I don't know about the sizes you need, but it might be worth a try.


Senior User
+3 hardwood store, I'd call and find out if they have any in stock before heading over. I got lucky when I went for some SYP, they had a new shipment of really clear boards they hadn't brought out onto the floor yet that I got to pick through

Jerome B

New User
They have a great selection. When I called they said that most of their boards were in the 6"-9" realm. I want 13"-14" I have gotten them in the past, but it was from a log that I had sawn into boards for me. Unfortuantely my stash has gotten rather low. I really don't want to glue up boards.

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