Anyone with experience stabilizing wood?


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I've watched the videos and it looks pretty straightforward, but thought I would ask local folks about best equipment, places to buy, etc. I would be working with pieces no bigger than a brick. If anyone can share what they've learned, especially if it helps me avoid costly mistakes, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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when stabilizing wood, isn't a pressure pot used? If so, I've seen a lot of people on YT use the Horror Fright pressure pot. I don't have one but should get one. I have an Epoxy project waiting. Just haven't bit the bullet and ordered the epoxy yet.


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It's not a difficult process yes you can use pressure pot eBay has tons of vacuum chambers made out of pots with acrylic tops.

You need to take it into a vacuum then you release the cactus juice.

You need to feed the stabilising resin slowly sense it will bubble and you need enough resin to cover the wood.

And whatever you used to heat the wood to activate the resin You should do it outside because it will smoke like crazy.


I stabilized wood all the time for woodturning.

1. You need a thick wall pot, but I've built a vacuum chamber from pvc pipe because the pot I have is too short.
A smooth rim is necessary for the lid to seal tight.
2. You need a vacuum. Not a pressure pot.
Those are all over Amazon and eBay. I found mine off Facebook marketplace.
You can actually pick up the whole set up from amazon.
3. You need stabilizing resin. I use cactus juice brand. Always had great results.

4. Wood needs to be DRY or you resin will crystallize on the outside when you bake it.
5. Buy a cheap baking oven from Wal-Mart. It will get ruined as resin will drip everywhere. Buy a thermostat for the oven because the dial is never accurate.
Buy lots of foil sheets.
Get latex gloves. That stuff is not toxic or irritant, but is slimy, and everything somehow gets covered it in
Washes with soap and water.

The resin can be under vacuum for hours, if not overnight.
If you are double dying the resin, the process is a couple days long, to be honest.

It's a fun yet not always necessary process. I turn a lot of shaving brushes (that's what sells the most) so I stabilize the wood for water resistance, but have turned some burl and punky wood without stabilizing it.
Let me know if you have any questions.

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