Another tool upgrade :-)

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This actually happened a while back. I took advantage of Klingspors black Friday sale to upgrade my Rikon 10-305 to the new Rikon 10-306.

The 10-306 has a few new features. Motor is stepped up from 1/3hp to 1/2hp. It also has 2 cutting speeds vs one on the 10-305.
Toolless blade guides, slightly more cutting height, a new fence with short and tall positions and storage for the fence when not in use. There is also onboard tool storage for one wrench and all the allen wrenches.
Read all about here:

I'll do a short right up on this after I have had a chance to use it a little more. As of now, I think the improvements made over the 10-305 are worth the extra cost of the 10-306, but there are a couple of things I have already found that need some improvement.

Rikon 10-306 (2).JPG

Rikon 10-306 (1).JPG
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Looking all pretty and shiny. Congrats looking forward to hearing it run through its paces. Great for the new year!
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