A Gift for my Doctor(s)


Bruce Swanson
Corporate Member
I've been there too Ken. I pulled hazmat tankers all over the country and it was while I was parked in a truck stop in Lexington VA my fun started. Had a kidney stone attack while I was asleep in my berth, and ended up calling 911. The doctors found a huge mass on my left kidney. Not only did I lose the left kidney, but also all our savings. I had been employed just shy of a year when I learned there would be no disability insurance money, and I had to pay 20% of all charges, except the fees not covered by my employers BC/BS plan, which I had to pay in full. I was out of work for 5 months before the Dr. would sign a release so I could return to work. That cancer has not returned but I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer several years later. At age 69, the Dr. chose to give me hormone injections for 2 years, as well as a full course of radiation. That cancer has not returned either. Along with all that was 3 episodes of coronary stents, followed by open heart bypass surgery, a perforating hernia in 2012, diverticulitis in which 12" of my colon was removed, and from which I had to heal before starting the radiation for the prostate cancer. In 2017 I had the right hip replaced, and then I had a total left knee replacement in the Fall of that year. Doctors can work miracles and for that I am fortunate and blessed. I believe the Lord works through the surgeons hands and to Him I am thankful also.
Now all that said, I've been doing darned awful good! My back is worn out and can't be repaired, my left hip can predict the weather, but I plan to keep right on working in my shop for another 30 years, at which time I'll be 105 and may slow down a little. I hope your batting average is quite better than mine Ken, and you will beat this one too.
God bless you Ken, and I hope you're able to come to my 105th birthday party!

Ken Kimbrell

Senior User
Thank you Bruce, your story is exactly why I consider myself to be blessed because my issues pale when compared to many others. We all must deal with life's issues and forge ahead with all of the determination we can muster.

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