12" Bandsaw upper wheel needed/ scroll saw upper jaw inserts needed


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BN725 Walker-Turner. Upper wheel is Aluminum cast and mine has a minor bend which makes enough wobble to throw the blade. The bandsaw worked perfectly before it was moved so it may have tilted and hit in the move. I may have learned a hard lesson that having someone move machinery without my overseeing was/is risky. The Rockwell 40-110 16" scroll saw lost top and bottom blade holding jaw parts in the same move. The move was 1/4 mile. Today on eBay I found the bottom jaw parts. A good day for me.

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
Senior User
If the tire is re-crowned on the wheel and concentric with the bore, a bent wheel won't matter. I've crowned tires on many bent wheels. The wheel can look like a car wheel ready to lose the hubcap and the blade will track true.

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