1-1/4" thick exterior mdf panels (Extira)


I have several 1-1/4" thick Extira panels (exterior grade MDF) leftover from a job. These would be great for CNC spoilboards, general benchtops, and signs. Available sizes in inches are below. $1.40 per square foot. Here is a link to the manufacturer's website: https://miratecextira.com/extira-exterior-panels/

These would need to be picked up due to the size and weight. I am in Radford, VA. I do travel down I-77 close to the VA/NC state line a couple of times a month, so I would be willing to meet along that route if I'm making a trip already. Direct email is swwoodworks(at)gmail

1 pc 49x72
2 pcs 49x78
1 pc 49x82.5
3 pcs 16.75x121.75
1 pc 21.75x115.75
1 pc 20.5x110
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I met up with Brad today and got a couple of the 49" wide pieces - they were very nice and at a very good price. He has a CNC machine and does work in the area - Really nice guy so if you need some CNC work or need some 1-1/4" MDF get in touch with him. I'm totally satisfied with what I got from him.

He's in the Radford, VA area so not that close to most of us NCWW'ers but really close to those of us in SWVA.


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Sounds close enough to join up on NCWW

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