1. R

    A TON Of Woodworking Name Brand Tools And A LRG RARE TUCKER VISE

    I have a huge assortment of woodworking tools and a very rare tucker vise also matsumura chisels and clamps amd planes most of the brands that u have are Jorgensen, Lee Valley, Starelett, Vertias etc and almost everything is brand new in the packages. My number is 828-744-3962 or email me at...
  2. N

    NC Independent Film Looking for Unique Woodworking Shop Location

    Greetings NC Woodworkers! Our Raleigh-based independent movie is looking for a great woodworking shop to base our filming. This movie is a fictional story set in a rural NC artisan community, but the main character is a furniture maker. She works out of a barn or an old building on her...
  3. M

    WANTED: Woodworker in or near Raleigh

    I have a thin wood panel (white hardboard) that I need cut into perfect circles of a few different diameters. I will most likely need this service on an ongoing basis, but I first have to do some testing with this initial set of circles/disks. If you have the right equipment to cut wood panels...
  4. S

    Myrtle Beach Woodworker

    I've actually been on here for a while, but I'm not real outgoing so I've kinda kept my mouth shut & read & learn. I used to woodwork in the 80's, but when Hurricane Hugo blew my shed away, my woodworking hobby went away. A year & a half ago, I had a grandchild, & I decided I wanted to build...
  5. pviser

    Woodworker hits the bigtime on Letterman

    http://youtu.be/43COW6LAHGQ In case you missed this, check out the great interview that one of our woodworking brothers did on Letterman. I found this on today's Fine Woodworking home page.
  6. TracyP

    Thanks To a True in Spirit NC Woodworker, Russ Denz

    I recently replied to a classified ad that Russ Denz posted when he found some unused items that he could sell for a fair price. I was particularly interested in the bead forming tools in 1/4 and 3/8. We exchanged PM's and I paid via paypal. Russ acknowledged my payment immediately and...
  7. M

    New Woodworker Member

    I am not only new to the forum but somewhat new to Raleigh area and woodworking. I moved to Raleigh about 4 years ago and live up on the north side by Falls Lake. I have been around wood working all my life. My father has had the passion for years and it finally hit me (kind of strange it...
  8. J

    That is What NC Woodworker Is About.

    Earlier this week, I posted about breaking a band saw blade. Because Woodcraft Bands is closed on Friday, it would be Monday before I could order a replacement. Mark E offered to give me a blade that he no longer uses, so I wouldn't be "dead in the water." A BIG thanks to Mark! Sharing and...
  9. goodmund

    Woodworker's garage sale in Greesnboro/High Point

    Woodworkers in the Triad: A friend is clearing out the garage of all the woodworking tools. He was only puttering around with the equipment for a few years and everything is barely used, if it's been used at all. A few highlights: Delta dust collector $150 Delta Thickness Planer 22-590 $275...
  10. TracyP

    North Carolina Woodworker Secure Credit Card Processing Is Now In Place

    I am pleased to announce that North Carolina Woodworker now has it's own Secure credit card processing service through an industry leading pair of providers. Our payment gateway is provided by www.authorize.net and our merchant account is provided by Signapay. With the upcoming spring raffle...
  11. Joe Scharle

    American Woodworker picks a 40 year old

    jig as Top Pick this month. All you guys that labored under my inept instruction will be happy to know that someone else agrees with me.
  12. W

    Woodworker's Journal

    If anyone has a copy of the WWJournal April 2006, could u notify me? Thnx.
  13. A

    New Woodworker

    Greetings, My name is Alex and I live in Swansboro, NC. I have been here for about 4 years now, but grew up and would like to get back to Chapel Hill, NC. I am married to my wonderful wife and together we have a four year old boy, who I hope will get into wood working as well. I am a high...
  14. F

    Triad Woodworker's club?

    I met some very nice members at the Art in the Park in High Point two years ago and cannot find the contact information for that group. Can someone here help me find them and their meeting times/dates, please? Thanks!
  15. J

    N C Woodworker at It's BEST

    Recently, Phil offered some lights. Steviegwood wanted some, but couldn't exactly just run over and get them. Scott M offered long term storage, but couldn't pick them up for a couple weeks. Gary (NC Turner) offered short term storage, till Scott could pick them up. So today, I met Phil, picked...
  16. ebarr

    In case you are looking to be a woodworker

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7QT6PbQ1dc&feature=related A7QT6PbQ1dc very informative...I got the spending money on tools part mastered :rolf:
  17. kooshball

    20% off select items at Woodworker Supply for pro members

    I picked up this flyer at the IWF show last week. You can sign up for a pro membership as a member of this club (or any other club) then you should be able to get these discounts. From what I can tell the pro membership is good for ~5% discount overall...
  18. Joe Scharle

    Happy Birthday North Carolina Woodworker

  19. Joe Scharle

    A Carolina Woodworker doing well

  20. JRD

    Welding Woodworker?

    I'm looking for someone on the Cary/Raleigh area who can do a simple weld for me. While on the lathe this morning for my calendar entry this year, the tool rest broke off, right at the top of it's post. Anyone willing to weld the two back together? Thanks, Jim

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