wood for sale

  1. mpholway

    Online Auction - Walnut, Cherry, Magnolia, Ash, Cedar, Cypress (Apex, NC)

    This auction is closing November 14th at 7:30 PM. They have a great deal of wood and I though some of you might be interested. If you click on the link below I have it filtered for the lumber selection only...
  2. T

    Rough cut lumber for sale

    I have two stacks of rough cut lumber that came from trees on my property that I had milled. Most of it is red oak, but there is some maple, hickory, poplar and sweetgum. (over 1500 board ft.) Most of it is 5/4 rough and it is in assorted lengths and widths. It has been stickered and stacked...
  3. T

    German Lap Siding

    I live in Hickory NC and am having a problem locating German Lap Siding. I only need about 40 lin ft at this time. Any suggestions?
  4. Obxwoody

    Wood blanks and burl on Craigslist

    I found this while scouring craigslist, thought I would pass it along. Not mine and I'm not honestly sure if it's a good deal... http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/4194120416.html
  5. Berta

    Live Edge Tables

    I don't do live edge things. But somehow people give me stuff. "You like wood, here have this" This is just a heads up that I posted some live edge boards, slabs, whatever in classified. First to get them out of here, gets them. :gar-Bi
  6. R

    Sale and consignment at Avl Hardware, Woodworkers' Supply

    Sale 20% off all sawblades (except blades sold on consignment) beginning Fri., July 16 Our consignment program Selling on consignment has allowed us to get in lots of great stock! What we sell on consignment: We sell used woodworking machinery as well as exotic and domestic lumber. Rates...

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