1. zapdafish

    Raleigh to Charlotte ( both ways )

    I have a possible trade taking place, a benchtop mortiser for a spinde sander. Not quite sure on the size of the sander yet. The mortiser would be headed to Charlotte and the sander headed back to Raleigh. Thanks..Steve
  2. B

    Hello from...up the rd a ways

    We're just a small shop up in Cifax Va.......have done a lot of historical preservation work and build a goodly amt of case work.Been in the biz for almost forty years.Nice site ya'll have here!BW
  3. kooshball

    Ways to finalize my shellac finish??

    I am so close to the completion of my dresser that I can smell it (or maybe that is just the shellac spray). When the top is finished all components of the dresser will have 5-coats of shellac and at the moment those coats appear to be very consistent from drawer to drawer and side to side...

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