1. S

    PE request: Highlands, NC to Washington, NC

  2. S

    PE request: Raleigh to Little Washington

  3. S

    PE request: Washington, NC to Cassatt, SC (or Charlotte or Fayetteville)

  4. S

    PE offer: Washington to Pittsboro

  5. A

    WW Tips from Little Washington

    Congratulations to Jay Sullivan (Sully) from little Washington. The tip he showed us here in January about Paper Templates was just published in the June 2011 issue of Fine Woodworking (pp.18). Way to go Jay! :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap Last week I got a call...
  6. J

    Table for Alan in Little Washington

    This made me think of Alans adjustable height table. This one apparently walks when you push it! http://www.wouterscheublin.com/projects/walking-table/
  7. ScottM

    Happy Birthday Alan in Little Washington

    Alan, have a great birthday :new_birth
  8. ErnieM

    Congrats to Alan in Little Washington

    There's a nice story about Alan's second-story shop in the current (Dec/Jan 2011) issue of American Woodworker magazine. Also a picture of him getting ready to jump out of the hoist door on the second floor (just kidding, I think). If you've never seen Alan's shop, put in on your bucket list of...
  9. S

    PE offer: Washington to Cary, Asheboro and back

    I will be traveling from little Washington up to Asheboro this weekend. I will also be visiting the Cary area over the weekend. If you need something moved hit me up with a PM. I'll be traveling with family in a sedan so there's not a huge amount of room but some space available.
  10. taandctran

    PE request from washington to winston salem or salisbury area

    I need to get a scroll saw from sully in washington to me in Davie county. Davie county is located between winston salem and statesville on I-40. I'm pretty close to salisbury, lexington, high point, lexington, yadkinville, and kanapolis. If anyone is headed this way please let us know...
  11. S

    PE request (small item): Hillsborough, NC to Washington, NC

    I need to move a small item (a bandsaw fence) from Hillsborough, NC to Washington, NC. The fence would easily fit in the seat, floor, or trunk of a car or truck. Anyone coming this way in the near future? Thanks, J
  12. S

    PE request: Washington, NC to Greenville, SC

  13. S

    PE request: Washington to Mt. Airy

  14. Douglas Robinson

    Dinner Friday 7/30 in Washington, NC

    I am racing in an Olympic Triathlon saturday 7/31 in the AM. I am coming into town friday night. I have contacted ErnieM and Alan about getting to gether friday night for dinner. This is a reminder to them and a notice to anyone else that might want to join us. I hear Backwater Jack's is a...
  15. S

    PE offer: Washington to Morehead City & back

  16. Partman

    Happy Birthday Alan in Little Washington

    Happy Birthday Alan !!! Hope you have a good one. :icon_thum Danny
  17. R

    Shot at Alan in Washington?

    Maybe I'm too sensitive on this one... or not... JackLeg's post the the Shop thread http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/f105/shop-29831/ , could be interpreted by Alan as a cheap shot. Am I over moderating? Your thoughts...?
  18. S

    PE request: Mocksville, NC to Washington, NC

    I need get a couple of small size packages from Mocksville, NC to Washington, NC. Mocksville is just off I40 between Statesville and Winston Salem. Washington is over on the east end of the state about 2 hours east of Raleigh. Let me know if you can move them any amount in the easterly...
  19. M

    Congratulations Alan!

    We have a celebrity in our midst! Alan Schaffter, better known as Alan in Little Washington, has his picture on the front cover of the latest issue of American Woodworker (Dec/January 2010) and then has two excellent full-feature articles "Adjustable Height Assembly Table" and "How to Built a...
  20. scsmith42

    Dust collection question for Alan in Little Washington...

    Alan: Doug and I were kicking around an idea this morning, and your name cropped up as someone good to bounce it off of (amongst others...) I have a 16" jointer/planer which I use for personal woodworking, and it's plumbed into an Oneida 3 hp SDG (the Oliver 25" is on a separate DC system)...

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