1. M

    WANTED: Woodworker in or near Raleigh

    I have a thin wood panel (white hardboard) that I need cut into perfect circles of a few different diameters. I will most likely need this service on an ongoing basis, but I first have to do some testing with this initial set of circles/disks. If you have the right equipment to cut wood panels...
  2. ErnieM

    Wanted: Portable drill press stand

    I'm in need of a portable drill press stand - one that you clamp a 3/8" electric drill into. I used to have one that I used on a jig to drill tuning pin holes into a piano's pinblock with the pinblock remaining in the piano. I'd like to make a similar jig to use for the same purpose in drilling...
  3. A

    Wormy Maple wanted

    Anybody have about 65-75 bf of wormy maple? I need about 12 bf to be 6/4-8/4, and the rest to be 4/4. It all needs to be 5" wide. If you have any, or know someone who does please let me know. Thanks, Alex
  4. D

    Black Walnut Tree DOWN advice wanted

    Today a friend of mine called and stated one of his large Black Walnuts fell during IRENE. . . He has a horse farm and it is blocking one of the gates and needs it gone and has offered it up to me if I can move it. I have a friend who has a saw mill, tree cutting business to include trucks...
  5. prolfe

    Help wanted

    The Klingspor's Woodworking Shop of Raleigh is seeking some part time help. If you are an accomplished woodworker and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, please come by the store to fill out an application and talk with me. Start time: ASAP Paul
  6. Gregory Paolini

    Help Wanted

    Now Accepting Applications For Full Time & Part Time Employment We're currently seeking experienced and entry level · Woodworkers · Furniture Makers · Cabinetmakers · Millwrights Get your application at www.GregoryPaolini.com/helpwanted Gregory Paolini...
  7. Tim Sherwood

    Router table fence -advice wanted

    I want to build a new router table fence. I would welcome any ideas from those of you that have made your own. I hope to incorporate several features: hold down feather boards a safe but flexible bit guard replaceable zero clearance inserts good dust collection I'm currently using a "bargain"...
  8. prolfe

    Woodworkers wanted

    The 2011 Woodworking Showcase is scheduled for September 17. It is to be held at the Klingspor's Woodworking Shop store in Raleigh. This event is a competition for ribbons and $ awards, but it is also a great opportunity to get out and see everyone's work, watch a demonstration or two, pick up a...
  9. jaustin

    clamps wanted.

    Anyone seen any good deals on clamps? I will be starting a Hal taylor chair in the next month or 2. I don't have a bunch of clamps and from the glue ups It looks like I a will be needing a bunch of clamps. So looking to find a good deal on some.
  10. Mike Davis

    8/4 hardwood wanted

    8/4 purpleheart, hard tiger maple and other colorful hardwoods wanted, scraps and shorts. Short pieces are fine at least 2 inches wide and 6 inches long. Not looking for premium retail priced turning squares. This is for turning tops for Haiti, longer pieces may be used for turning and...
  11. JackLeg

    Walnut Wanted

    I have a friend and fellow woodworker in Delaware who is looking for a quantity of rough sawn walnut lumber. Most any thickness is OK, but he'd like some 6/4 or 8/4 stuff if possible. He'll take most any quantity over 500 bf (to make the trip worthwhile) and 1000 bf would be even better...
  12. jimwill48

    Metal Cutoff's/Scrap Wanted

    I in addition to woodworking also do metalworking with a small metal lathe and mill. Does anyone know anywhere around the Mooresville/Charlotte area any machine shops, etc. that may sell me small amounts of their cutoffs/scrap. I use 6061 aluminum, 1018, 12L14 steel, and cold rolled sheets steel...
  13. T

    Who wanted a Leigh FMT setup?

    Someone from this forum emailed me a while ago wanting a Leigh FMT setup.(not the super FMT) I am sure that saved that email but in the sea of emails that I get I can't find it! If that was you, email me at thintz@newwoodworker.com
  14. Flute Maker

    Wood Wood Wood Wanted !

    I need some wood...cherry, walnut, some exotics or any other wood that would be good for flutes....I dont want any pine though. I might could use some poplar if it had good color.. Or point me to the best stores you guys buy wood from...I don't want to drive any more than 2 hrs one way. I...
  15. woodArtz

    Not the way I wanted to get turning blanks

    Good news: I have a bunch of Bradford Pear turning blanks in my front yard :eusa_thin Bad news: I just lost a mature Bradford Pear to the high winds of tonight's thunderstorm :wsad:
  16. Vetteman9956

    Ambrosia/Wormy Maple Wanted

    Anybody in the group around Raleigh have any nice Ambrosia with lots of color? I need about 100-150 bf. I got some great stuff a couple of years ago from Russ Dentz but I'm running out :gar-Cr and have a project coming up that I need it for.
  17. B

    Wanted: Slightly Used Dewalt 735 Planer

    Can get a refurbished for $452 + tax. And get new from Lowes for $599 minus HF 20% coupon, and minus their 10% new to area coupon for $432 + tax. Am looking for a better deal. Just missed one on CL for $300 and another for 275! rrrrrrrrggg! Got one? Let's talk. in Hampstead, Bob
  18. D

    Wood Wanted

    I may be in need of some 1X8X72 Ambrosia Maple if anyone has any at a good price or knows where I can locate some.:help: I've got logs and growing trees running out my ears but no flat stock for a project a friend has in mind for me to do. Yeah, I know, venturing into the wild world of flat work...
  19. bobby g

    Delta Contractor Saw Wanted

    A builder friend of mine is looking for a Delta Contractor Saw, preferably one that was built in the 90's when they were fairly substantial machines. Please direct you responses to me. Thanks, bobby g
  20. G

    Hickory or Oak wanted

    Looking for 4"X4"X6' Hickory or Oak. Need 4 pieces Email me @ Shuttermaster@ec.rr.com or call 252-646-3133

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