1. C

    Unisaw rebuild

    Just a few shots of the progression of my rebuild project, I also put a few more pics in my gallery. I am waiting for some parts to put the bearings back in it. I'm hoping to get a motor and belts before or around Christmas. Chris
  2. C

    Unisaw Rebuild

    I've taken the suggestion of some members here, and have disassembled my Unisaw. I have sanded down the cabinet and base, and have one more coat of paint left. In examining the arbor I have found that the the threads are stripped and that It has some wobble to it, so needless to say, I am going...
  3. C

    reconditioning Delta Unisaw

    I've been sanding oxidation off of surface of an old table saw, any suggestions about getting a nice finish on this piece of steel?:eusa_thin Chris
  4. C

    Delta/ Rockwell Unisaw

    A friend just gave me an older Delta/ Rockwell Unisaw, and I need a motor and switch. Possibly some more stuff, but I haven't really checked yet. Model # 34-450. Any suggestions? Chris
  5. J

    $350 Unisaw in Mebane

    Older 3 phase Uni for $350 in Mebane. On Monday nites craigslist.
  6. JMcanoe

    Unisaw on Raleigh CL

    Decent deal on good looking right tilt Unisaw with unifence for $900 obo. Not mine. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/346309696.html
  7. Arguseyed

    CL Unisaw in Raleigh (I think)

    Not mine but wish it was. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/tls/341234722.html
  8. Douglas Robinson

    CL: Delta 3 HP, single phase, unisaw - $1200

    Found today: (no affiliation) Delta model 36-900, limited edition, New Yankee workshop, 10" Unisaw. This saw was bought in 98 and has been used very little since. This edition has a 52" side table and shelf as well as a 52" Unifence system. Comes with all the factory accessories plus some...
  9. Arguseyed

    Unisaw on eBay (in Waxhaw)

    $800 starting bid, item # 230121932725. No pictures though.. JT
  10. Douglas Robinson

    Found on CL: Delta Unisaw & Jointer, Jet Planer

    Due to lack of time and my concentrating on turning, I am selling my large woodworking tools. All three tools have been meticulously maintained and are in excellent condition. If you are looking to start a new shop, upgrade an existing one or merely fill-in some gaps in your tool line-up, these...
  11. dancam

    Unisaw Cabinet & tool gloat

    Well I finally got around to building an under table cabinet for my Unisaw. There were a number of new toys I wanted to test drive so I figured the cabinet for the shop would be perfect. The things I've tested on this cabinet are: Drawer joint bit from Woodline (part of an ogee cabinet door...
  12. D

    Left tilt unisaw + dado blade???

    At the boat shop we have a 10" left tilt unisaw and it appears we can't fit an 8" dado blade. Anybody have any ideas? We were looking at the freud SD600 dial a width dado set, but have no idea how it does. Any help would be great. Thanks Dennis
  13. Grgramps

    Delta/Rockwell Unisaw

    This is over at Sawmill Creek: (not mine) Delta/Rockwell Unisaw 3 HP for Sale - Sawmill Creek
  14. The Unisaurus

    The Unisaurus

    Not bad for $200, huh?
  15. Tar Heel

    Problem with unisaw on start-up

    I have noticed recently that there is an intermittent problem with my saw after depressing the start buttom. At times it won't start running and I have to continue pushing the start button until it comes on. This morning I haven't been able to get it to run at all. I have checked the switch and...
  16. J

    Unisaw on Craiglist

    Today, Aug 29, there is a Unisaw on Craigslist- Raleigh. Asking price $1200, includes sliding table, and some blades. Machine is located in Apex.
  17. A

    Unisaw mobile base and table improvement w/many *PICS*

    Awhile ago I posted some before pics and pics of my Unisaw stripped of its tables, fence rail, and mobile base. Here is the before pic showing the old melamine table and stock Delta mobile base with step caster and rails blocking the opening under the saw: Here are the after pics: The first...
  18. A

    Unisaw upgrade underway w/*PICS*

    In addition to working on the assembly table I started the rework of my Unisaw mobile base and tables. After removing the Unifence rail, the extension table, and stock mobile base, I fabricated wheels and feet for my new mobile base. Here is the saw stripped of its extension tables, fence rail...

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