1. LeftyTom

    Workbench Top Thickness

    What is a good thickness for a benchtop I want to drill for holdfast's? I have one table made out of 2x6's which could be used. Plenty room beneath the top for the 8" holdfast's. But it is 2'x2', so it is only useful for working with small pieces. My other tables are 2'x4' or 5', but are...
  2. G

    Questions about building a Workbench top

    Hi all, I am a teacher and traveling to my Virginia mountain vacation home this weekend to stay for the summer, and I got it in my head to build a woodworking bench. After two months of research, I think I am settling on a bench that is a combination of Christopher Schwarz's Roubo workbench...
  3. Larry Rose

    Bench top saw question

    Does any one know which if any bench top table saws arbors are long enough for a dado set? I've been thinking of getting one just use for dados and someone told me that not all will handle it.
  4. Larry Rose

    Cypress Top Tables

    LOML volunteered my services to the Church to make a pair of simple end tables for the ladies lounge. This is what I came up with. The tops are cypress and the under carriages soft maple painted and lightly distressed. I'll never pay for my habit if I keep this up.
  5. DaveO

    Hardboard on a bench top???

    Has anyone used it to top a bench? I am thinking about using it on top of my main bench which is MDF that's looking and feeling a little rough. Does the dark color create any problems. How well does it wear? And is it too slick of a surface? If you have used it how did you adhere it to the top...
  6. johnpipe108

    Torsion box for sewing console top

    I got off my duff and assembled the pieces for converting the single 3/4" top of my sewing console project to torsion-box construction. A couple weeks ago I had cut the cores from 7/8" pine scrap (FREE!! :eusa_danc, donated "firewood" from my son-in-law's sister's boyfriend who works in a...
  7. FredP

    a top

    nough said.:lol:
  8. Jon

    Protecting MDF top

    So im almost done with my assembly table. I have a sheet of formica or I could just leave the MDF top and put some type of protecting coat on it like wax or Tung oil ? ANy suggestions?
  9. pslamp32

    Finishing a table top...

    Quick question, do you guys/ gals put a seal and topcoat on the bottom of a coffee table top? Thanks! :-)
  10. Tarhead

    Rust Removal by Electrolysis for Tablesaw Tops (without removing the top)

    I saw this site referenced for rust removal in another group. It shows the standard soak in a tub of electrolyte solution w/battery charger method in the first half. The second half details how to use a rag soaked in solution for spot electroysis on a tablesaw top. FRETS.COM Machining I would...
  11. JRD

    Screw Top Turned Box

    I decided to try something different this weekend, a box with a screw on lid. Once you see the photo's you'll get the idea of how I did it pretty quickly, Simple, but it works very well. The wood is Mediterranian Myrtle, with Walnut to accent it. The Myrtle is apparently something of a rare...
  12. SteveColes

    New Top Horizontal Menu

    OK, what started the menu changes has setup. The original "second menu" had a lot of limitations in terms of how much could be added. That's why the side menu was used to add things but only a few could be added to the top menu. There are a lot of people who don't use side menu and because of...
  13. NZAPP1

    Where can I find a used lab top at a reasonable price

    Not Woodworking related Does anyone know where can I find a used lab top at a reasonable price. I need to locate a lap top or desk top computer as I will need to set up a second home for a while and need it for personal use (NCWW surfing and email)
  14. T

    New router top (wip pics)

    I posted last week about the new router lift I got. Well. I had to make a new top for my router cabinet. Here it is so far. The new top is 2 layers of MDF edge banded in oak and laminated top and bottom. It is 25"d x 32"w x 1.5"t. The front has a miter track and a T-track. The 2 gold Incra...
  15. DavidF

    Glass table top supports

    Do any of you know were I can get some little rubber or similar pads to go between the table frame and the glass top? We have a table in the office here that has some pads that have a small "spigot" on the bottom that fits into a small hole in the table frame and then has what looks like one of...
  16. b4man

    Need suggestions for a table top

    I have a large oval table base that has a glass top that I' really don't want to keep cleaning all the time. So, I would really love to have a granite, marble or composite top made but I think the expense will be prohibitive. Or make a wood top myself. In any case what thickness is minimal? The...
  17. Cherry and Maple Box

    Cherry and Maple Box

    This box is made from a cherry tree that I took down in my yard. I have just retired to NC in 03 and and have been setting up my shop. In the last year I got a new lathe and have been doing segmented bowls. Before that I was into boxes with exotic woods. I enjoy small projects as my shop is...

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