1. S

    Quick Tip for half shelves in eCabinets

    Do you use half shelves in your cabinets? Well here is a great tip that you can use in eCabinets to make the front inset adjust automatically every time you change the depth. https://youtu.be/D07KS8eTpcg
  2. Rob

    Your Best Nifty Shop Tip?

    I saw this on Sawmill Creek and thought it was a neat idea. If we get a good response we can consolidate the posts into a sticky or shopnote. I'll start Problem: Glue cures on brush during large glue ups, between moving stuff and assembly. Solution: I usually use an acid brush, to prevent...
  3. froglips

    Wet/Dry Shop Vac tip......

    When going from dry to wet, I highly recommend removing the bag and filter from your Shop Vac before sucking water..... Who'd thunk it? :dontknow: :BangHead: :rotflm: Jim
  4. Gotcha6

    Great Stuff Tip

    Most of you have used the Great Stuff expanding foam in a can before, I believe. One of the shortcomings of this product is the straw applicator that comes with it. It can usually only be used once. I had a need for this product yesterday and couldn't find the adapter/trigger that came with...
  5. Glennbear

    TS Dust Collection Improvement Tip

    Just a tip that has worked for me. I have a Ridgid hybrid tablesaw with the dust collection connection at the bottom of the cabinet. The cabinet as shipped from the factory had a lot of air leaks which I sealed with gaffer's tape to improve dust extraction but that still left the large cut out...
  6. eyekode

    Another tip on what NOT to do

    I think my chisels have it out for me. Another one got me tonight. Luckily no stitches this time, just a small slice on the top of my hand. I recently lowered the rack that holds my bench chisels to make it easier to reach. It still is a good foot off bench height though. One thing I didn't...
  7. NCTurner

    Tip for you Work Sharp Folks

    I saw this and couldn't resist posting it, seems to easy esp. for ya'll that have the 2000. http://www.woodworkersjournal.com/Main/Articles/Work_Sharp_Tool_Holder_3508.aspx
  8. R

    pipe clamp tip

    I've been struggling with my dry fit "walk-through" for a dresser carcass. How to balance the 5' top and middle monster pipe clamps without 6 foot arms or a pogo stick to jump back and forth, where to keep my culls within reach and keep from falling out of place while I set the pipe clamps and...
  9. NCTurner

    Inexpensive Quality Tool Tip

    For anyone looking for a good deal on some nice turning tools, Woodcraft has their Sorby Sovereign tools on special. These are quality M2 HSS, the tools are much less than regular Sorby tools, why...they are unhandled to be used in the Sov. system nothing a quick turn of a handle won't take care...
  10. M

    Side Chair construction tip

    Upon making some dining room chairs, I was in a dilemma about how to machine the back leg. The back leg and back-rest were cut as one unit on a bandsaw (see photos). I had no problem sanding the kerf-marks on a stationary belt sander, but the joint where the seat attaches became a problem. I...
  11. H

    Carbide tip replacement

    Thought I'd share a site that I found for carbide tips at a very good price. This might be helpful for those of you who make your own roughing tools and a possible replacement tip for the "Easy Rougher" and other similar tools. Just thought I'd share the info. Merry Christmas.:icon_cheers...
  12. J

    Maybe a Useful Tip

    I thought that we had a "Tips & Tricks" forum, but I couldn't find it. Anyway, I wanted to put a relief cut on the bottom of some shop sawhorse feet, but didn't want to make a MDF template for a 10" cut and I don't have a bandsaw. I took a hand held router with a 1/2" rabbet bit and cut the...
  13. Joe Scharle

    Vote for a Tip!

    Take a moment to go to this site and click on a star. This tip was from an NC Woodworker! http://www.workbenchmagazine.com/etips/2009/04/10/sander-stopper/
  14. ptt49er

    Felt Tip Pen Kits?

    Is there such a thing? My google skills let me down if there is. I've got some friends that want one for a wedding pen, to sign picture matting with. Thanks!
  15. J

    NC Woodworker Takes Top Tip

    When you look at the tips in the current issue of Wood Magazine, Reid Smith, aka, "Smitty" took top prize.
  16. S

    TIP: attaching paper templates (band saw, scroll saw, etc.)

  17. Rob

    Wolverine sharpening tip

    Borrowed from penturners.org, posted by randyrls. I thought it a good tip and decided to cross post it here.
  18. Splinter

    Pen tip

    For those of you that turn pens and need to take one apart for what ever reason get you one these........... http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=3577 They are cheap and there is a punch to fit any pen tube. Not that I have ever had a reason to use my set. :BangHead:
  19. Rob

    New tip

    Someone may have thought about this before, or not. I'm slow sometimes. Wanting to route a decorative edge around a board, I've always clamped it to my bench, routed until I hit the clamps, then move the board and route some more, repeat until all edges are routed. Couldn't think of a good way...
  20. JohnW

    Red Tip

    Just took out a bunch of +30 year old red tip bushes. Some of the branches are 4" - 5" diameter. The bases get up to about 8" dia. I don't turn...never caught the spinning disease...but if this is any good for turning let me know and I'll set some aside. Have no idea as to what it might look...

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