1. Tank


    M1 Abrams Tank
  2. ScottM

    Propane Tank Recall

    You all be careful out there..... This could be serious. http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml11/11102.html?tab=recalls
  3. merrill77

    LP tank, tankless heater and duel-fuel heat pump

    The water heater thread reminded me that I've been putting off some decisions - so thanks to all for the info on tankless water heaters. I've been considering one of those for a couple of reasons, primarily energy efficiency. The unlimited hot water will be nice as our three boys start...
  4. ScottM

    Need advice on propane tank

    I am planning to put a 120gal propane tank next to the house for running a gas fireplace and gas grill. In time I might run a line to the new shop. Anyway I have been searching on-line to see how far away from the heat pump, electrical box, windows, crawl space vent, etc the tank must be. So...
  5. D

    steel tank

    Friend of mine has this fuel oil tank and stand he'd like to get rid of on the cheap. Asking is $50, you haul away. Anyone interested send me a PM and I'll fwd on to him. Thanks for looking.
  6. crokett

    Air Tank Size

    HF has a 5 gallon portable air tank for 20 bucks. I am looking for something for small jobs - inflating tires, small nailing jobs, etc that can be cordless and that my wife can use. This might be asking a how deep is a hole type question, but is 5 gallons practical? It would be for the...
  7. Toddler

    Kaeser rotary screw with tank and dryer $500

    Not mine. Never seen one at that price! http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/1153082261.html
  8. C

    Pony Express tank from Sanford to Raleigh

    My in laws have a ~500 gallon tank they are willing to give me for use as a rain barrel, but it will not fit in my van... If anybody is heading North on 1 from Sanford or further south to Raleigh in an otherwise empty pickup, I'd appreciate the help getting this tank transported. Thanks...
  9. woodydiver

    looking for used 80 gal air tank

    Hello all, if any one happens to come across a good vertical or horizontal Air tank with the motor/compressor plate. i have a motor and compressor just need a larger tank for it. a 80 gallon would be good , but ill take anything from 60gal to 120 gal. just email me if you come up with...
  10. C

    fish tank stand

    My wife and I bought a 16 gallon fish tank the other day and she would like me to build a stand for it. It is 20" L x 13" W and 20.5" H. I'd like to find some plans for a simple stand with a drawer and two doors beneath. Any suggestions? :eusa_thin Chris
  11. wapitiscat

    pressure tank

    Does anyone have or know of a used pressure (for a well water application) they'd like to get rid of for free, cheap, or trade? The new ones are pretty pricey and the shipping charges for ones on eBay are deal breakers for me. For those of you paying close attention, you may be thinking ...
  12. Wall Unit/Fish Tank

    Wall Unit/Fish Tank

    Hickory unit with removable fish tank stand

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