1. SteveColes

    We could use a bit of help

    Please help me out a bit. We closed the OT forum for a reason and it will be re-opened soon. But in the meantime please do NOT use other forums for what would normally be in the Off topic forum. Please keep to spirit of what was intended for a forum. The Off Topic will be opened again, but just...
  2. Joe Scharle

    TS sled stop rod

    This was Canucks idea that we cobbled up yesterday. I found a parallel clamp at HD (electrical) and 3/8" rod and thumbscrew at Tractor Supply. You'll most likely have to find this yourself.
  3. GeorgeL

    Saw Stop on Time Warp

    Hey all, Did anyone catch Time Warp tonight? Steve Gass was on demoing the Saw Stop @ 20,000 frame per second ON HIS OWN FINGER. Too Cool!:icon_thum George
  4. AudreyO

    Can't stop burning wood

    I am having a lot of fun with wood burning. Dave fixed me up a piece of buggy poplar and I played around with it a little today. Anyway, I will post what I have done so far. If nothing else, I am having a great time. I want to look into the more transparent paints Brian was referring to...
  5. woodguy1975

    Stop by if you are in Hickory this weekend

    As always the tradition at JSR Woodworking when class is in session anyone who is in the area is welcome to stop by, hang out, and watch the guys work up a sweat. We will be hitting it all day Saturday and Sunday from 8-5pm. Please PM me if you need directions. I'm on the west side of...
  6. erasmussen

    Cant stop

    Weedpot 2 There fun and easy to do :gar-La; Just had to do another one today :gar-Bi
  7. Douglas Robinson

    Lunch stop recommendations for the southern Raleigh Crawl

    I need some recommendations for a place to stop for lunch on the crawl on saturday 9/27! Come on some one has to know of a good place for 20-30 people to eat between Garner, F-V, and Clayton! Doug
  8. Jon

    stop posting pics of pens and bowls please

    You people keep posting pics of bowls and pens and everytime I look I think I would love to do those. So I know you will all stop so I dont have to go buy a Lathe. :rotflm:
  9. cskipper

    Help!!! Someone please stop me...

    Got the new Creative Woodworks & Crafts magazine yesterday. The owl picture on the front cover has me salivating. I've been studying the pattern, planning the cuts - and I don't even like owls (well, actually I have no opinion on owls). Life was so much easier when a simple trivet with a few...
  10. Douglas Robinson

    Alternative Lunch Stop for the Crawl?

    It has just come to my attention for some people the food at that El Dorado, the Mexican stop for lunch on the crawl, may not meet dietary restrictions for some of the crawlers. I undertand that there is a Golden Corral and a Dick's Barbeque near Crossroads. I am open to further suggestions...
  11. alleng

    countersink bit with stop collar

    im lookin for some countersink bits with the stop collars so i can get consistancy in the depth of my screw heads. ive seen them online at woodcraft,etc. but the ones they have are a bit pricy. i was wondering if anyone has a cheaper version,and where to get them. ive been using the cheap bit...
  12. WoodWrangler

    CraigsList Charlotte - Biesemeyer Miter Saw Fence and Stop

    Sure would be nice to have ... Who's getting it?
  13. cskipper

    Can I stop immediate post notifications?

    I am getting emails of every post (post by post) in the ScrollSaw and turning forums,. I also get the daily summary - which I really like. I looked at my user options and can't see where to change this setting. The only setting I see is the daily notification. Is the setting hiding in plain...
  14. jimwill48

    You Know you should stop when -

    Last night I was making a sacrfiifical fence for my tablesaw (ridgid 3650) to use with my dado set to cut rabbets. I used two pieces of 3/4" MDF glued up, drilled a couple of holes to mount the sac. fence to the metal fence. Installed the dado set 3/4" wide. Turned on saw and started to raise...
  15. Matt

    Make It Stop!

    Help! Since being graced with the esteemed title of "Moderator" I have been receiving a more than "moderate" amount of email. I get an email every time someone posts in my assigned forum. I love this forum, but don't love lots of email. I set my User Options to "No Email Notification" and...
  16. C

    These things never stop

    They just keep jumping off of the lathe. This is a mother's day gift for a coworker's mom. He said she had a fit over his zebrawood pen, so he had to get one for her. I know Dave doesn't like the gold.. but this wood just beckoned to me to add the gold fittings.
  17. WoodWrangler

    Stop the Applause, I'm Not Going Anywhere

    Howdy fellow woodworkers! Just want to place my first posting here to introduce myself. I hope to learn and share here. In short ... I'm a relatively new woodworker living in Charlotte. About 2 years ago I picked up a woodworking book at Barnes & Noble and read it front to back. By the time...

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